Lash and Brow Treatments 

Yumi Lash Lift 

Give Your Lashes a Natural Lift and Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Say bye-bye mascara, hello YUMI™ Lashes. Our YUMI™ Lash Lift is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift your lashes without having to resort to fiddly false lashes or costly growth serums. In other words, it is a powerful alternative that enhances your own natural beauty..

Our YUMI™ Lash Lift will lift your natural lash with a special pigment infusion rather than curling them as a result you will have thick, dark lashes creating that “open eye” look

If you wish to add volume and length to your natural lashes this is the treatment for you, Yumi™ lifts your lashes upwards creating height, length and volume. We have a range of coloured tints  available to compliment your complexion perfectly.

Special introductory price - 60 

Shaping and tinting 

eyebrow wax and shape    - 20

Lip Wax                                    - 20

eyebrow tint or lighten      - 20

eyebrow wax and tint         - 30

eyelash tint                            - 20

eyelash and brow tint         - 40

(with shaping)