luxurious experience

Your experience will focus on healing, wellness and relaxation with an emphasis on natural ingredients. All of our treatments are quality spa experiences. We believe that you can have beautifully manicured nails without having to expose yourself to the toxins and chemicals found in the typical nail salon. With that in mind, we have incorporated healthy product alternatives, along with fresh fruits, vegetables and essential oils into all of our treatments to eliminate the risk of toxins interfering with your well-being


The concept of the beauty bar is to provide each client with a unique, luxurious experience which is respectful to the wellbeing of the individual as well as the environment. We also strive to use the least amount of chemicals and highest amount of natural ingredients per treatment.


We take pride in the highest level of cleanliness. All our metal tools go through a sterilization process in an FDA approved Autoclave. It’s the same procedure a Dentist’s surgery uses to clean their instruments. Each set of tools are sealed and opened in front of you. We use disposable files and buffers for each client, practice safe pedicures in NON WHIRPOOL bowls and use disposable towels for your feet and hands which are never reused on any other client.

Technologically advanced

Technology will pay a large part and we will offer online booking as well as pop in booking – where clients can check available appointments on a monitor and book themselves in. While you have your pedicure you will be offered an ipad loaded with the latest magazines and music. A stunning 50” flat screen waits for you at the manicure bar where you can watch the latest music videos or fashion TV. We are also the first nail boutique in Scotland to offer a nail art printer which can print a design directly onto your nails from a selection of 700 pre-loaded designs.

Appointment with a difference

The design will be edgy and industrial with natural finishes and will offer an open plan environment to encourage interaction and engagement. We want to create a community where clients can come and relax and have a chat with like - minded people and at the same time experience the latest in nail care technology.